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2020 Senior Thesis

Original Children's Book

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What is Comfy?

Comfy is an original children's book that I have written and illustrated for my senior thesis project at Carthage College. The book is 26 pages long and is available for purchase physically and as an E-book. 

Comfy follows Olive, a little kitty who loves plants and her plush stingray. Olive is autistic and brings her comfort object everywhere she goes. What happens when her plush isn't around? Does she have any six-legged friends? Find out in Comfy, available now!

Artist Statement

Growing up autistic can be a wobbly ride and it is common for autistic children to imprint on a comfort object. “Comfy” is my way of letting autistic children know their comfort objects are not something to be ashamed of, while also lending them my secret: interpersonal connections can also be comforting.


I illustrate digital works of both fictional and non-fictional creatures utilizing an IPad Pro and Apple Pencil. I begin and end my creative process on my IPad screen. The subjects are my personal expression of childhood-reminiscent imaginative scenarios featuring various animals partaking in anthropomorphized activities. My work is a direct expression of my personal thoughts and feelings, therefore the messages I convey are usually pertaining to my identity. I am an autistic artist and I believe that this is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something that I am proud of. I want to spread this positivity through my whimsical images and warm colors. I chose to work with digital media because I feel that it is the most accessible means of art creation. My inspiration is the fulfillment in conveying my emotions through my subjects as well as the joy of the engaging process it takes to do so. But I also really just love animals.


Comfy - Cover page

gouache on watercolor paper


Concept Art

_Olive_ design

"Olive" character design


_Beatrix_ design

"Beatrix" character design


Process Video

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